Academic Membership Benefits

Network with Utah Outdoor Brands

  • Participate in local events
  • Opportunities to speak and present at outdoor industry events and summits
  • Access exclusive industry events at a discount (Adventure+Gear Fest, Outdoor Business Summit, Utah Outdoor Recreation Summit, Summit Speaker Series, Industry Mixers)
    • Members-only executive roundtables
  • Utilize exclusive members-only database
  • Join volunteer/service opportunities

Promote Your Brand

  • Co-op sales and consumer events
  • Use UOA social media channels
  • Get brand highlights and public relations distribution
  • Promote Utah’s Outdoor Brand

Recruit & Retain Eager Talent

  • Find and recruit top talent through UOA’s job board
  • Participate with university partners/programs through job fairs
  • Internship recruiting and partnering with education institutions
  • On-going industry training & educational events targeted at functional roles

Knowledge Sharing

  • Participate in peer-to-peer experience sharing
    • Gatherings and roundtables
    • Peer-generated content specific to roles
    • Function specific Slack channels
  • Receive industry reports and insights
    • Access to platforms for research, insights, etc. with a joint license, etc. (leisure trends, macro-level reports)
    • Surveying of the members and gathering Utah specific data
  • Join Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program with no additional costs
    • Outdoor Product Cohort
  • Receive UOA’s monthly newsletter
  • Receive free subscription to Wasatch Magazine

Enjoy Other Benefits and Pro-Deals

  • Enjoy discounts from outdoor brands
  • Access health insurance group rates and discounts
  • Have a policy impact to the outdoor industry
    • Access to closed-door discussions with legislators
    • Stay informed of legislation that impacts the industry
  • Participate in outdoor programs and camps with discounts

Fee Structure

Academic Membership